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Matthew Joseph Keesey -- 1/17/86 - 6/4/2008

About Matt

Picture of Matt

Matt was born January 17th, 1986. He was an energetic kid, always wanting to find answers to questions, explore, and make as many friends as possible. He went to Bel Air High School, where he played Football and Lacrosse. He was captain of the football team sophomore year, before a knee injury ended his football career. In lacrosse, he was also captain, where he played defense through senior year.

On June 4th, 2008, Matt took his own life. Sometimes life becomes difficult, and for him... it was just too much. There are no words that can be said to fill the void of losing someone. So we, the family and friends of Matt, created this website to keep his memory alive, and impact the surrounding community. Each year, we give a scholarship to a Bel Air Lacrosse player who is moving on to college. We also have two events each year to raise money: a memorial lacrosse game in Matt's honor, and a Bull Roast.

If you are interested in attending an event, you can find the information on our events page. We can be contacted via the Facebook or Mail tab in the left side column.

Our Mission

To positively impact the communities in which we live by raising suicide awareness, and strength of character:

Honor - Compassion - Trust - Selflessness - Determination - Loyalty - Respect

The purpose is to live life to the fullest, by looking out for everyone - not just those you love - and trying to be a good person. Do your part.